About AiTech

Since 2011, AiTech has been a trusted community partner for the federal government and local Maryland community. We strive to not only deliver solutions that solve a problem, but to always affect the organizational security behavior and culture for everlasting change.

Values & Vision

  • To produce quality and timely information technology and security solutions

  • To provide customer-focused security and cyber related solutions to decrease information security risks and threats

Awards & Affiliations

  • Howard County Chambers GovConnects member

  • Cybersecurity Association of Maryland: Co-Chair of Diversity in Cyber Committee

  • 2018 Goldman Sachs member Small Business Program Graduate

Mission & Goals

  • To be the leaders in Information assurance and information security in government and commercial

  • To educate our customers on how to change the security culture in their organization

  • To ensure that business IT infrastructure is informed, equipped, and capable to respond to external and internal information security threats

  • AiTech is dedicated to effective communication to help our clients reach an official management decision given by a senior agency official to authorize operation of an information system

Inclusion & Diversity

Inclusion and diversity are important for the continued growth of our company. There is a visible lack of diversity across the tech industry, especially for females in cybersecurity. AiTech is committed to hiring recent graduates from Historically Black Colleges Universities (HBCU), women of color, and other inclusion and diversity initiatives. 85% of our current Cyber leadership team and members are women of color.

We also have partnerships with local universities to continue creating equal opportunities for under-represented demographics in the cyber security arena. Current and future employees and customers should know that AiTech strives to be a company where everyone is welcomed and respected, and all voices are considered and important.


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Applied Information Technology, LLC is a business solutions company which takes a systematic approach in gaining the understanding necessary to solve information technology (IT) or information assurance (IA) needs.
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